“Whatever feeling comes to me, I can see and feel a strong vision for it.” – Interview with Kaija Krimson of Anarcheon

Kaija Krimson is the captivating vocalist of Vancouver-based alt-metal band, Anarcheon. A poet in her own right, Kaija lyrically marries the gruesome with the gorgeous. Kaija is also the founder of Metalocalypstick festival, a Western Canadian music fest that celebrates women in heavy music. In the following lines, we discuss Anarcheon’s latest single, live shows, lyrics and Kaija’s influences. 

MG: Your new single “Bloody Merry” just came out in March. The song, video, artwork and overall vibe of the music came out so cohesively. What was the creative process behind all of that like?  

Kaija: It starts with the mighty Sylvain instrumentally. Then once I have a vibe I start writing lyrics and melodies. We pretty much just go off that. From there we looked for an artist who can capture the lyrics into one picture and a videographer to encapsulate it in a simple black and white shoot.

MG: As a vocalist you have an awesome, unique style. Do you have eclectic musical tastes and influences? 

Kaija: I suppose it would come from my various music tastes. I wasn’t lucky enough to grow up with metal music. It came mid high school. Before that I pretty much just listened to anything I could get my hands on. I’ve always listened to a lot of male vocalists, too. I listen to a lot of rap, hiphop and different genres of metal. But then again my favourite band in the world is Fleetwood Mac.

MG: Who are some of your favourite vocalists/lyricists?

Kaija: As for vocalists, I love Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Phil Bozeman, Efrem Shultz, Jesse Barnet, Trevor Strnad, Brody Dalle to name a few. Lyrically, I really respect Eminem, Aesop Rock, Mgk and Madchild.

MG: Listening to your songs, I am always taken with how poetic your lyrics are. What is your favourite way to write lyrics and what gets you really inspired?

Kaija: I always just listen to the feel of the song. Whatever feeling comes to me, I can see and feel a strong vision for it and base it off of that. I try really hard to switch up my words, add clever things in there and be diverse with my vocabulary.

MG: Anyone who has ever seen Anarcheon live knows that you all put on quite the show. Something I think we have all wondered though… Do you and Sylvain plan on the moment that you pour beer flawlessly into his mouth on stage, or do you just.. know?

Kaija: Haha! The first time it was just on a whim and then placed wherever there was a breather. Now we just wing it. I mean, the guy is holding a guitar and my hands are mostly free. Gotta help my brother out, he could get dehydrated. 

MG: Since we are all missing shows big time right now, what is one moment from a show or festival that stands out to you as one of the funniest, weirdest, or best moments that you hope you will remember forever?

Kaija: My first favourite moment would be the my very first show that I played heavy music. Everyone went nuts and started moshing. That was so intense for me and inspiring.

There are soooo many amazing memories in this scene to name. The funniest thing ever was a time where we played this small bar and I was super sick and could barely sing, so we all kinda just said fuck it. The bartender was bringing Sylvain beers right onto stage and she constructed a super long straw so he could drink it while he was playing. 

The weirdest time was when we played a show in Prince George and my Aunty and Uncle (whom listen to country music) started moshing. It was great. And this one girl just kept close to the stage and motioning to lick my crotch the whole time. Like wow, hahaha!

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