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Charlotte Wessels unveils new single “Victor”

Dutch vocalist and songwriter Charlotte Wessels presents new single inspired by Victor Hugo’s poem. Watch the music video for “Victor” below.

After parting ways with symphonic metal band Delain in February, Wessels continues to create music and art via her Patreon. Using this popular platform,  she shares behind the scenes footage, hangs out with her fans and releases a new song each month. “I’ll keep writing and performing music,” she promises. “It is the thing that gives me joy and purpose. I’m beyond grateful for my amazing community on Patreon, something that was supposed to be a side project from Delain, but will now be the primary place that I release music and create art and community.” 

Previously available only to her Patreon community, Charlotte now releases “Victor” for the whole world to hear. “Victor” was written, performed and produced by Charlotte at her home studio  Six Feet Under Studio.

The song and video for “Victor” are inspired by 1856 poem “Demain, dès l’aube” by famous French writer Victor Hugo (Les Misérables, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame). The poem narrates the writer’s walk to the grave of his daughter Leopoldine; she tragically drowned a few years prior during a boat trip, while she was pregnant. In this video, Victor and Leopoldine reunite.

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