“I do have a new project that’s gonna come out later this year.”- Video interview with Vicky Psarakis of The Agonist

Vicky Psarakis, the vocalist of Canadian metallers The Agonist, reveals details of her new nu metal band inspired by Linkin Park, Slipknot and Korn.

“I do have a new project that’s gonna come out later this year, I’m not sure when exactly. And that’s more of like a nu metal style of music, but I’m also doing like screaming vocals there, too. But musically, it’s really different from The Agonist. So, that’s what’s important,” revealed Vicky in a new interview for Rock Talks in collaboration with Metal Goddesses. 

Asked about musicians that are joining her for this project, she says: “There’s no one that’s like super famous or anything like that. …. Everyone’s from Canada. Some are from Montreal, some from Quebec and Ontario.” 

The band of an unknown name with two vocalists has already finished recording their debut album, but the release keeps being pushed back due to ongoing pandemic. Vicky comments: “It’s all done. Actually, it was recorded over a year ago. So, we recorded right after our tour with Jinjer [note: December 2019]. I went back to Montreal and we actually worked with the same producer as The Agonist works with – Chris Donaldson. So, right after the Jinjer tour, I spent the holidays in Montreal and I recorded vocals for that album.” She adds: “It’s all ready to go and we’re even writing new songs for the second album.”  

Discussing the style of the music, she went into more detail: “I think it’s a genre of music I wouldn’t really want a metal label to sign us, cause I see it transcending more into the rock industry. It’s much more accessible, something you can hear on the radio but it would probably be the heaviest thing you’d hear on the radio …. I like to call it like a combination of Linkin Park, Slipknot or Korn. That style.”  

Find out more about Vicky’s new band and other topics such as The Agonist’s latest album “Orphans”, the future touring cycle, playing at Cusco at 1000 feet altitude and more in the video below:  



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