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Moonlight Haze – Enigma (Music Video)

Italian power symphonic metal band Moonlight Haze unveils a music video for “Till The End”, the second single off of their latest album “Lunaris”.

The song is taken from the band’s upcoming second studio album “Lunaris” came out in June 2020 via Scarlet Records. The album consists of eleven tracks that will take you on a timeless journey through frantic grooves, powerful lyrics and addictive melodies. The band experiments with electronic music, folk and even more unpredictable elements, with deep musical research and thoughtful inner exploration, for a dreamy experience deep in the haze.

Vocalist Chiara Tricarico comments on the single and video: “‘Enigma’ is the most mysterious song by Moonlight Haze. I really think that the video suits the misty atmosphere of the song very well: it includes many symbols, metaphors, and a nice kicker at the end of it. I’m sure it will take the audience on an interesting, introspective journey in the depths of the sub-consciousness, featured by Latin quotes and wordplays in our native language.” 

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