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Teren unveil an animated video for new single “Pozanich”

Ukrainian folk metallers Teren unveil new single “Pozanich”. Watch the animated video below.

Teren is a folk metal band from Kropyvnytskyi, which finally took off with their first official video “Ranok” in summer 2020. The songs have always been based on Ukrainian folk tunes and heavy riffs. Following “Ranok” and “Mara”, the band now presents their third song titled “Pozanich”.

“Do you know how a person feels standing over an abyss? Not when they can take a step forward, but when they realize that the fall is inevitable?” comments the band. “This song is about the tragedy of a person who becomes a monster against their will. Every time she looks in the mirror and sees that she turns into a monster. Her life will never be normal again, she will never be herself again. Everything that was dear, hated, or even what she was indifferent to – everything will disappear. When? Soon. For a long time? Forever… Everyone has their own monster. Someone is afraid of losing beauty, memory, wealth. But perhaps the worst thing is to lose yourself.” 

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