Song challenge

Song challenge: Corinne Cardinal (Valfreya)


Corinne Cardinal is best known as the vocalist and songwriter of Canadian act Valfreya that combines black and death metal with folk and classical elements. So far, the band’s got three EPs and two LPs under their belt, the latest being 2017’s “Promised Land” and 2019’s EP “Acoustic Chronicles Part II”. In 2019, Corinne joined the first choir made up entirely of singers with guttural voices named the Growlers Choir. As a voice actress, Corinne has lent her voice to number of creatures and monsters from video games and television series such as Resident Evil and Tomb Raider. Fuelled by her passion for vocals, Corinnne has developed several vocal techniques, combining throat singing with classical and pop singing. Moreover, Corinne is a dedicated researcher with focus on vocal techniques related to metal music, as well as a vocal coach, teaching different styles of singing from classical to harsh vocals. Can she deal with our song challenge? 

A song by an artist that inspires you: Wintersun – Starchild
  • “The music is intense, filled with nostalgia, and the lyrics are deep.”

A song that you think sums up this past year: Shadow Of Intent – The Heretic Prevails
  • ‘’ Is this the beginning or the end?’’

Your favourite classical piece:  Mussorgsky – St. John’s Eve on Bald Mountain
  • “It really depends on my mood, but I love the epic and dark symphonic poem of Mussorgsky, “Night On Bald Mountain”. Inspired by Russian literary works and legend, Mussorgsky composed a “musical picture”, “St. John’s Eve on Bald Mountain” on the theme of Witches Sabbath, which he completed on that very night, 23 June 1867.”

A song you always listen to at least twice in a row:  Demons And Wizards – Fiddle On The Green
  • “I LOVE this song. The melodies and the lyrics are touching and beautiful. I love this song so much that I even did a cover of it.”

A song from Valfreya that you would love to put on a video game soundtrack: Promised Land
  • “”Promised Land” from the album “Promised Land”. It’s an instrumental song with a lot of epic and energetic melodies.”

Your favourite Valfreya acoustic piece: Jeter l’Ancre 
  • “Jeter l’Ancre” from “Acoustic Chronicles part II”. It’s an original composition in French, inspired by folkloric melodies and sailors’ songs.” 

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