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Illumishade present new video for “Golden Lands”

Swiss metallers Illumishade unveil an official visualiser for “Golden Lands” off of their debut album “Eclyptic: Wake Of Shadows”. Watch it below.

The project featuring Fabienne Erni, Jonas Wolf, Mirjam Skal, Mark Friedrich and Yannick Urbanczik comes alongside a whole new fantasy world that allows everyone to connect and escape not only musically, but story-wise as well. To celebrate one year anniversary of the release of their debut concept album “Eclyptic: Wake Of Shadows”, the band unveiled a snowy visualiser for “Golden Lands”. 

Besides the new video clip, the band celebrated the anniversary with their fans during a live stream titled Eclyptic Blast. During the stream, Illumishade also revealed that a new single is arriving soon. It’s titled “Destined Path” and comes out in just a few days, on May 28. 

You can watch the full Eclyptic Blast celebration below: 

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