Song challenge

Song challenge: Jennifer Gervais (Dust In Mind)


Jennifer Gervais is one of the voices of French industrial modern metal group Dust In Mind. Along with her vocal partner Damien, she stays at the forefront of the band since its formation back in 2013. Dust In Mind debuted with a self-titled EP in the same year, followed by three full-length albums; “Never Look Back” (2015), “Oblivion” (2017) and “From The Ashes To Flames” (2018). Besides singing and writing lyrics for Dust In Mind, Jen is also a video assistant and a merchandiser for other bands. She spends her free time customising clothing pieces, petting her cats, and she never refuses a good pretzel. Check how she managed to deal with our song challenge below. 

A song you can’t resist dancing to: Dropkick Murphys – Rose Tattoo
  • “It’s a song I share with my closest friends, and it inspires joy, happiness, abundance. There is such a good energy in this song for me.”

A song with an amazing music video: Lord Of The Lost – Black Halo
  • “Wow, that’s a hard one. There is so much inspiring music videos. Now I think about some music videos of Radiohead, but in a more metal register, suddenly I have a music video of Lord Of The Lost in mind. “Black Halo”. I love the place, I love the way they are in water. It’s beautiful.”

Your favorite song for a rainy day: Anathema – Untouchable
  • “Oh… A LOT, haha. I am a “rainy day” person: D But one very precious song for me and one of my favorite bands ever is Anathema – Untouchable.”

Your go-to pump-up song: Machine Head – Imperium
  • “It’s a song I was listening to all the time on the way to high school and it brought me strength, energy. And I still feel it very strong now, every time I hear this song. I feel like I have to raise my fist in the air, and I wanna shout it loud, haha!”

 Favourite Dust in Mind song to perform live: Lost Control
  • “I think it will be “Lost Control”. It’s one of my favorite songs ever, and there is different emotions in it, so I am looking forward to sing this one live.”

A song by Dust in Mind you would play for your younger self: I’m Different
  • “I hesitate between “Lost Control” again and “I’m Different”. But I will say “I’m Different” because actually, it’s a song I wrote for all the kids that are bullied. But it can relate to everyone who feels different, and who needs to feel accepted.”

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