Zubathaa release new single “Walking Dead”

Czech metal unit Zubathaa unveils crushing new single “Walking Dead”, the first offering off of their upcoming album “Take A Scythe!”. Listen below.

The band Zubathaa was founded by guitarist Richard who was later joined by bass player Jakub. The band functioned only instrumentally at first. Following personal changes behind drums and on vocals, they started looking for a voice that would give the band a face. That happened with Kate’s arrival, and the line-up steadied as follows; Richard (guitars), Jakub (bass), Kristián (drums) and Kate (vocals). The band has various influences from jazz to technical death metal, and it’s not easy to label them within one subgenre. They’re something like a blend of death, djent and progressive metal. 
Zubathaa now unveils a brand new single “Walking Dead”, taken from their upcoming album “Take A Scythe!”. The band comments: “The song “Walking Dead” may sound like a typical straightforward track with zombie elements at first. However, it also carries a meaning concerning human relations and a desire to end a relationship that still lasts, even though it’s long done. The faith in a scythe mentioned at the end also refers to the belief in the band Zubathaa itself; the scythe as a symbol of death, and therefore also the “reaper” who comes for us all one day anyway. So why not start praying to her instead of various fake gods? With Death, we are sure it does exist… Believe in Zubathaa! Did you know that Zubathaa is a woman?  
Listen to “Walking Dead”: 

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