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Seas On The Moon have a new song feat. Lena Scissorhands out

Moldovan progressive rock/metal act Seas On The Moon unveils yet another new collaboration with Infected Rain’s Lena Scissorhands. Watch the video for their powerful new piece “The Regress” below.

Seas On The Moon was formed in 1996 in Chisinau by Voluta brothers, Valentin on guitars and Eugene on drums. It’s mostly a studio project that experiments with various musicians and singers from around the world, including Infected Rain’s Lena Scissorhands, Eissa from Morphide, Octavian Casian and others. Seas On The Moon released their first instrumental record “Mioritual Healing” in 2020, followed by the compilation “Collision Illusion” with collaboration songs  in early 2021. 

The project has recently teamed up with Lena again for their fifth collaboration to date, a song titled “The Regress”. 



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