Enemy Inside announce new album “Seven”

German dark rock/modern metal band Enemy Inside shares details of their sophomore studio album “Seven”. 

Enemy Inside was formed in 2017 out of Aschaffenburg, Germany by Nastassja Giulia (vocals) and Evan K (guitar), who through wide ranging musical experimentation found their own unique sound – somewhere between “Dark Rock” and “Modern Metal“. The music strikes a catchy, mystical chord as the powerful female lead vocals are intertwined with aggressive arrangements and catchy hooks.

Following their debut album “Phoenix” from 2018, “Seven” will be released on August 27th as digipak CD, White vinyl (limited to 250 copies), Crystal Clear with gold & white Splatters vinyl (limited to 250 copies) as well as digital streaming and download formats.

The band: “The album “Seven“ was deeply inspired by the seven deadly sins. It’s not about the Christian tradition but more about calling todays society into question and interpreting them in a more contemporary way. Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride, be they sins or not, can still be applied nowadays. We’re confronted with them all the time.”

See the cover artwork and tracklisting below:


01. Crystallize
02. Alien
03. Release Me
04. Break Through
05. In My Blood
06. Bulletproof
07. Seven
08. Black Butterfly
09. Black And Gold
10. Dynamite
11. Crush (Jennifer Paige Cover)

Listen to the latest single “Release Me”:

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