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Oversense feat. Herma Sick – Be (Music Video)

Oversense release their modern melodic metal single “Be” featuring Herma Sick and illuminate the social media parallel worlds in the music video.

With “Be” (feat. Herma Sick), the brand-new first Oversense single from the upcoming album “Egomania” has been released today on May 27th, 2021. The single is a powerful modern melodic metal duet between Danny Meyer and Sick N’ Beautiful vocalist Herma Sick, illuminating the social media parallel worlds. In the accompanying music video, director Mirko Witzki (Caliban, Any Given Day, Emil Bulls) has succeeded in skillfully dissecting the duality of our society and imposingly staging it. Oversense, with the support of Herma Sick, now invite you here to their reckoning with the artificial and superficial social media fake world with all its wannabe influencers.

“Be” (feat. Herma Sick) with its versatile sound in an ecstatic manner is, like the album “Egomania” to be released on September 17, 2021, via Dr. Music Records, a must-hear for every Modern Melodic Metal fan and is available now at all digital music providers.

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