Fireproven unveil new single “Waves Of Extinction”

Finnish progressive metal five piece Fireproven unveiled a new single titled “Waves of Extinction”. Stream it below.

Fireproven debuted with the “Future Diary” LP in 2018 and received many positive reviews. In December 2019, the band decided to take things to the next level by hiring a new lead vocalist Sanna Sola. Since then they have worked hard with new songs and waited for the pandemic to pass to start doing live shows again. Fireproven pride themselves on their technical abilities and musical versatility, breaking boundaries with their uniqueness. After releasing “The Maze” in February, the band now presents a bit more progressive piece “Waves Of Extinction”.

Drummer Nuutti Hannula comments: “The song has a story-like structure. After the “big bang” in the intro the song leads us to soft electronic parts and again to some pretty dark moods. Suspension finally breaks in the first chorus. The essence of this song is the power of co-operation. Sanna re-wrote most of the melodies and Janne put his effort in it as well. After this we all arranged the song together, and now it really sounds like us.” 

Wrapped in a story-like form, the lyrics deal with a climate change and its catastrophic impact on our planet, as well as an attempt to change things for better in the second part of the song. Nuutti explains: “Climate change and its impacts were a huge inspiration for the lyrics. There are two timelines in this song. In the first one the destruction has already happened, and we live in a post-apocalyptic world. In the seconds timeline we’re in this moment where we want to save the world, but our actions for a big change are insufficient. The purpose of the song is not to depress listeners or make them lose faith in change. It’s just observation of an actual subject in a story-like form.” 

Vocalist Sanna Solanterä adds: “Waves of Extinction’s mood and dynamic variation together with odd time signatures hit me hard right from the start. The subject of the song is very important to me as well. Nuutti composed a masterpiece, and because of that it was easy for me to write the melodies. I don’t think I’ve ever used my voice in this many different ways in just one song. There were moments during the recordings when we couldn’t stop laughing for at first I was doing low growls, then these soft clean vocals, then higher growls and the next moment high clean notes. It felt crazy, but the result speaks for itself. This song sounds 100 % like Fireproven.”

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