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Dream Ocean – Daydreamer (Music Video)

German/Turkish symphonic metal band Dream Ocean unveils a music video for re-arranged and re-recorded version of their song “Daydreamer/Uyan”, launches a crowdfunding campaign for new album.

Following the latest single “The Great Silence” complete with an epic flame-engulfed video, the band around mezzo-soprano and vocalist extraordinaire Başak Ylva is releasing their next single “Daydreamer”, which marks the launch of the crowdfunding campaign for their sophomore album “The Missing Stone”, out September 24th.

The song, which has been evolving alongside the Turkish-German band for ten years under the title “Uyan” (Turkish: Wake Up), is ready to see the light of day in its best iteration yet. Filled to the brim with roaring guitar riffs, gleaming synths and orchestral highs, “Daydreamer/Uyan” tells an otherworldly tale of the mournful strife for lucidity in the aftermath of losing a lover. Drawing upon her own painful experiences, Başak’s raw lyricism describes a woman being led astray between a world once shared by two minds, bodies and spirits and a harsh, alien one that she’s yet to claim as her own.

Founded in Istanbul in 2010 and inspired by scene giants like Nightwish, Dream Ocean have always been ones to set the bar high for themselves, and it shows. Lead singer Başak Ylva studied opera at Istanbul University State Conservatory before she moved to Germany to finish her studies at the Cologne Hochschule für Musik und Tanz with a Master of Music – all while working tirelessly towards achieving her vision with the band, and it’s safe to say that her efforts have borne fruits: Renowned collaborators chimed in to give their support, such as Epica’s Mark Jansen and Amaranthe’s Jake E, who have lent their exceptional voices to Lost Love Symphony, or Joost van den Broek (a.o. Epica, After Forever, Powerwolf) who helped orchestrate the remarkable debut. All the buzz didn’t go unnoticed and Dream Ocean soon started playing festivals all over Europe and have successfully opened for Epica and Myrath.

The band landed true underground hits with “Lost Love Symphony” and the single “Everstorm”, which received praise from even beyond the world of Symphonic Metal. The Missing Stone now heralds the next chapter of Dream Ocean’s journey towards synergizing their passions for opera and metal. Daydreamer is the band proving once again how seamlessly these ostensibly different worlds can be made to blend.

You can support the band and help them release their upcoming album “The Missing Stone” through this link. And don’t forget to watch the video for “Uyan”, the Turkish version of the song:

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