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Album review: Lacuna Coil – Live From The Apocalypse

The past several months haven’t been easy for anyone, especially for those who make their living by standing on stages and touring the world. Italian gothic metal masters Lacuna Coil decided to deal with the tough situation by stepping on stage of Milan’s famous Alcatraz Club and play for an empty audience last September. Well, not quietly. Passionate Coilers from all over the world tuned in to watch the exclusive performance titled brilliantly, “Black Anima: Live From The Apocalypse”.

For this special occasion, the band decided to perform their latest album “Black Anima” in its entirety, including album bonus tracks. Following fan’s requests, this unique set is out now for everyone to re-live digitally or physically on CD and vinyl with a bonus DVD featuring the original live stream footage.

Just like the studio album itself, the live album kicks off with the dramatic intro “Anima Nera” that makes your blood run cold, and jumping straight into the banger “Sword Of Anger”. It takes only a couple first seconds to realise the band is about to give their all. And they do.

Vocalist Cristina Scabbia welcomes people with the first notes of single “Save Me” and continues with a deeply felt performance throughout the song, including the emotional spoken part. Andrea Ferro’s demonic growls open the apocalyptic “Now Or Never”, the tempo increases and culminates with Cristina’s passionate chorus. This is the perfect occasion to remind yourself how to headbang properly and train those neck muscles for when real shows get back! “Reckless” delivers a catchy, playful chorus. With this song, the band throws down a challenge to get wild and reckless. And they don’t need to tell twice! This song was just made to be played live!

Soon, it’s time slow down a bit with “Through The Flames”. Andrea shines in verses, meanwhile Cristina in choruses. But the tempo is going up again with “Apocalypse”, featuring an amazing solo by Diego Cavalotti. “Black Feathers” darkens the already gloomy atmosphere even more and runs into up-tempo piece “Under The Surface”.

Disturbing keyboard sounds open up “The End Is All I Can See” and it’s time for Cristina and Andrea to reverse their roles – Andrea takes over the chorus and shows more of his characteristic singing voice. Latin choirs in “Veneficium” bring in one of the “highlights” or the “shivers” moments of the record, one of fans’ favourites, indeed. And even though you can’t speak Latin, you just need to chant the lyrics along with Cristina.

Following next, the time has come for the album’s bonus tracks – “Black Dried Up Heart” and special Halloween piece “Bad Things”, which was previously available as an Amazon exclusive track only. After this new song for some, the band goes on with the hit single “Layers Of Time”, which sounds excellent live. Cristina showcases some of her gentler vocals, as well as flies into soaring heights, Diego on guitars, Marco on bass and Richard on drums delivering their all.

With the following title track of the album, the band finishes the show. At least it might look so. They return for a truly touching piano rendition of “Save Me”, which we’ve heard in its heavy version already at the beginning. If you doubted Cristina’s performance, this piece must change your mind. This is the most unfiltered, rawest version of Lacuna Coil you’ll get to hear. A breathtaking moment to end this excellent show with!

Highly engaging and perfectly mixed, “Live From The Apocalypse” is truly a special gift from Lacuna Coil. After all, it doesn’t happen often that bands get to play one of their albums in full, keeping the show entertaining and attractive for listener’s ears throughout the whole set, with no hesitation. This is a “must listen” for all Coilers and beyond!


Release date: June 25, 2021
Label: Century Media Records

01. Anima Nera
02. Sword Of Anger
03. Save Me
04. Now Or Never
05. Reckless
06. Through The Flames
07. Apocalypse
08. Black Feathers
09. Under The Surface
10. The End Is All I Can See
11. Veneficium
12. Black Dried Up Heart
13. Bad Things
14. Layers Of Time
15. Black Anima
16. Save Me (Apocalypse Version)

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