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Chaos Rising present new song “Lullabies Of Madness”

International all-female metal collective Chaos Rising unveils their fifteenth video “Lullabies of Madness”. Watch it below.

Founded by French multi-instrumentalist Stéphanie Nolf (Unsafe, Syrinx), Chaos Rising is a unique project that brings together female metal musicians from across the globe.

New song “Lullabies Of Madness”, is a death metal track composed by Chaos Rising guitarist Barbara Teleki (Hungary/UK) and featuring her awesome shredding.

Says Barbara: For me writing is rather about channelling a certain feeling, than a thought. However as this song contains lyrics, it’s a humble attempt to describe how part of humanity is pulling apart, while other parts are gravitating closer to each other over certain ideas, beliefs. Some groups are choosing to live in uncertainty and fear, others to perceive happenings from a more hopeful perspective. And if those two sides collide, you might end up labelled, abandoned. But there’s only the Absolute Truth.”

“Lullabies of Madness” also features vocals from Stéphanie Nolf (France), bass from Natalia Rozanova (Russia) and drums all the way from Brazil with Janaina Melo.

Chaos Rising is blazing a trail, and not only by providing opportunities for women and gender minorities to become involved in all aspects of metal music. The ambitious vision is to release a new song every month, in different metal subgenres, which means that Chaos Rising teams are constantly composing, recording and mixing. These girls are innovating fast, exemplifying how musicians are networking to adapt and create amidst current challenges.

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