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Alia Tempora – Por Siempre (Music Video)

Czech melodic metal band Alia Tempora is releasing new fresh hits in cooperation with Mexican musician Mario Del Rio Escobedo. During their Mexican tour they shot a music video for Spanish version of their song “Por Siempre”, available below.

The band says: “After a long and anxious period last year, the world is slowly opening up and we feel the hope we want to pass on to the fans, along with a reminder of what it was like before. That’s why we revived our singles “Asking” & “Por Siempre” and added a positive and fresh summer touch!”

“We shot the video for the single Por Siempre during our tour in Mexico at the Teotihuacan pyramid complex and on the diamond beach in Acapulco, along with our longtime friend Mario del Rio Escobedo, who is also the author of the Spanish translation of Por Siempre and our guest member on the move.”

They continue: “The story of “Asking” and “Por Siempre” (Forever) describes the inner struggle of two lovers, whose relationship is based on wild passion without boundaries, strong attraction and devoted addiction, but accompanied by imperfections of a toxic relationship such as jealousy and pride.

In stories like this, the outcome is usually tragic and sad, but what makes this story special is that instead of leaving the toxic relationship and choosing the easy way, our lovers decided to give their relationship the most valuable gift – the time and patience with each other. As a reward, they found their harmony, peace and hope for a bright future.

The tribal elements which are intertwined throughout the song, music video and graphic art were chosen as our personal tribute to Mexican people & Mario Del Rio Escobedo, for their nature, style and the way we perceive them.”

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