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Leecher have re-imagined Beast In Black’s “Blind And Frozen”

Hungarian cello metal band Leecher has just released an extraordinary and provoking version of one of Beast In Black’s fan favourite songs – “Blind and Frozen”. Listen to it below.

The song that was originally released on “Berserker” (2017) – has now been turned into a quite different song, performed with cellos and female vocals in Leecher’s remarkable rendition. 

“I’ve always appreciated when a band doesn’t simply copy another song, but shape it to their own sound and put something from their very essence into it. This is what makes a cover song interesting for me, because it creates a totally distinct spirit and feeling to it. Moreover, it takes a lot more time and creativity to make such a cover. With might and main, Leecher has truly given this song everything they are, but the original composition is still strongly recognizable, so their task was accomplished flawlessly! I’m especially happy they chose our song, because a good cover opens up the possibility to reach new people for the original performer as well – maybe someone in the future will become a Beast In Black fan because of this cover! Congratulations  to the front lady and the gentlemen!” commented Beast In Black bass guitarist Máté Molnár.

Leecher are one of the most unusual aspiring metal bands of Hungary, playing their melodic, uplifting, catchy symphonic metal with cellos only. Frontwoman Anett Horváth’s graceful, powerful vocals also give this cover a nice, refreshing touch that surely makes it a pleasant surprise to the fans of the original song as well. Just like their latest album, “Deviant” (2020), “Blind and Frozen” was recorded at Miracle Sound Studio (Szeged, Hungary) by Gábor Vári. The music video was directed, filmed, and edited by Gergő Farkas and the band members.

“We prefer making cover songs that we don’t simply perform the way they were written, but the ones we can entwine with our personalities and we can give a little extra to its original message,” said lead singer Anett Horváth about choosing Beast In Black’s song. “We’re pretty sure this cover will be a bit controversial to some of the fans, and it wasn’t easy to touch this song. I constantly had to expand my boundaries, had to try and learn new singing techniques and it took a lot of ideas from each of us to form this final version. We’re very proud of how it turned out!” 

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