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Forever Still – Pieces (Music Video)

Denmark’s Forever Still share a music video for “Pieces” off of their latest album “Breathe In Colours”. Watch it below.

The song is taken from the band’s second studio album “Breathe In Colours” that came out in 2019 via Nuclear Blast. Inspired by “two of the most influential cyberpunk works of all time, Blade Runner and Akira”, the album has a strong cyberpunk/dystopian atmosphere with “more electronic and raw sound”. Vocalist Maja Shining on the album: “Instead of looking in, we turned our focus to the world and saw it in a state of change. It somehow reminded us of the dystopian cyberpunk future, we’d seen in books and movies when we were kids, where megacorporations own our governments, the world is on the verge of ecological collapse and humanity is fleeing into cyberspace building walls around themselves and closing their eyes to the horrors of the real world.” 

The band on the “Pieces” video: “This video was intended to be used as tour promotion in 2020, but as you know all too well, touring after 2019 didn’t go as planned for anyone, so we’re really excited to finally be able to share it with all of you.” 

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