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Blackbriar – You’re Haunting Me (Music Video)

Dutch symphonic/gothic metallers Blackbriar keep dropping more and more cinematic music videos for their debut LP “The Cause Of Shipwreck”. Watch the latest clip for the bittersweet, romantic “You’re Haunting Me” below.

After successfully releasing three EPs “Fractured Fairytales”, “We’d Rather Burn” and “Our Mortal Remains”, Blackbriar have chosen to continue the independent route. The band takes you into a fantastical gothic world bolstered by addictive hooks, magnificent arrangements, and dark beauty with their debut full-length release “The Cause Of Shipwreck”. Featuring 10 songs about primeval forces of nature, mythological creatures, bygone times, ghosts hoping to be noticed, darkness and love, the album is out now.

Vocalist Zora Cock: “I associate this one a lot with our song ‘Until Eternity’, and I’d like to think that this was sung during one of their lifetimes.” 

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