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Constraint cover a song from The Promised Neverland series

Hailing from Modena, Italy, symphonic progressive metallers Constraint fronted by Beatrice Bini present a cover of “Isabella’s Lullaby” from The Promised Neverland manga series. Watch the dream-like music video below.

Last year in March, the band unveiled their second studio album “Tides Of Entropy”. Constraint explore a new way of mixing classical elements with heavy instruments. The clever use of low brass and percussions create a perfect dark atmosphere, yet the songs remain melodic thanks to remarkable strings sections, with the heavy instrumentation as a foundation. All layers fit in together like pieces of a puzzle, tied by the outstanding performance of Beatrice.

Today, Constraint unveil their rendition of “Isabella’s Lullaby”, taken from popular Japanese manga series written by Kaiu Shirai. The band says: “This is one of our rare covers: an arrangement of a dream-like theme from the anime “The Promised Neverland”, in the style of a symphonic metal ballad, where our Beatrice Bini gives her interpretation (and original lyrics on a wordless theme) of Isabella’s character, who carries a meaningful and moving backstory.”

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