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Whyzdom – Notre Dame (Music Video)

Symphonic metallers Whyzdom have released a video for the song “Notre Dame” – the first single taken from the new album ‘Of Wonders and Wars’, to be released on September 17th.

The band comments: “This song was entirely composed and written during the night of the 15th of April 2019. That day, a fire broke out in Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. By the time it was extinguished, the emblematic spire had collapsed and centuries of History were reduced to ashes. The song evokes the feelings of band members who actually live a few steps from the Cathedral since childhood, and how Wonders that seem eternal can be destroyed in a few hours. The video plunges from Paris sky to Notre-Dame surroundings, then right into the flames. The shock of witnessing the fire gave the first spark of inspiration for the overall ‘Of Wonders and Wars’ concept, hence its release as the first single of the new Whyzdom album.”

Building upon their strong symphonic roots and signature sound which combines both blazing riffs and powerful classical orchestra and choir, Whyzdom take us on a new bombastic road with more up-tempo songs, a more direct approach and catchy melodies instantly sticking in your head.

Marie Mac Leod voice has reached further levels of deepness and lyrical brilliance, showcasing incredible mezzo-soprano lines as well as her natural rock voice that fans crave for, surrounded by epic cinematic choral work.

“Of Wonders and Wars” is a journey through millennia, from ancient past to distant future, showing both the brightest and the darkest sides of humanity. A new breathtaking chapter to Whyzdom body of work that leaves no rest for the faint hearted – the travel through Time and History is awaiting you.

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