Mariangela Demurtas announces solo EP

Singer/songwriter Mariangela Demurtas (Tristania, Ardours) announces a new solo EP “Dark Ability”, launches crowdfunding campaign.

Dark Ability was written in May of 2021 and recorded in OhMe Studio by Daniel Cardoso (Anathema) in July of 2020. Maringela says: “Initially they were old melodic ideas I put on the side, so they got developed and finished together with the lyrics very recently. They are very atmospheric and melancholic songs where you can find electronic elements and ambiance combined with a very intimate voice. This music is meant to touch your heart and bring you into a journey of darkness and hope.”

She continues: “As you know, besides my bands Tristania and Ardours I love to be active as a solo artist as well. In fact, I wrote a solo album in 2013 that I decided not to release in the end cause I was not sure about the direction I was taking at that time. I learned a lot by making songs and recording them in the studio… and that it is why I am more than happy now to release these 4 fresh tunes that really express the more realistic aspect of my personality and where I am living right now. I need very strong motivations behind a release, and I went into deep research before releasing any song to the world. These songs are also a very dark expression of myself. I went through a lot of emotional pain during this year and these songs were written during probably the 2 hardest weeks of my life. They were born out of suffering and tears, literally. I used these dark moments for resilience and for finding the strength to go on in every aspect, and I think I made it, that is why I am so proud of this EP and look forward to you hearing it.”


1. City
2. Classic
3. Crossing Time
4. Forgiverance

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