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Album review: Seven Spires – Gods Of Debauchery

When Seven Spires released “Emerald Seas” on February 14th, 2020, I was excited at the chance to see them play live with the likes of Insomnium, and Omnium Gatherum during their newly announced North American tour. Sadly, the worldwide pandemic cut that dream short for not only the fans but, the musicians as well. Still, despite the heap of cancellations and postponed shows, Seven Spires managed to climb their way back to the top with their newest album “Gods of Debauchery” released September 10th, 2021.

Seven Spires is an American Metal Quartet from Boston, MA that began in 2013 at the Berklee College of Music with Adrienne Cowan (vocals, and keyboards), and Jack Kosto (guitars) and soon joined by Peter de Reyna (electric and upright bass) and Chris Dovas (drums). Forging a new path in the Metal genre, Seven Spires soon came to call the darkest corners of the Melodic Metal scene their home featuring hints of post-apocalyptic black metal, as well as bittersweet melodic metal; bringing with them an abundance of new talent and energy the likes of which had never been seen before.

With inspiration being drawn from a wide range of genres such as Jazz, Late Romantic era Orchestral compositions, and even Cinema-level soundscapes, the band quickly proved their skill in not only standing out from the crowd with a unique sound but, showing their talent in doing so as well.

Their first album, “Solveig” was released on August 4th, 2017 as a concept album that dances through the tale of one lost soul’s journey through a shadowy and dissolute underworld ruled by an Ancient Demon. The favourite track from this album is ‘The Cabaret of Dreams’ that starts heavy with piercing vocals and intense guitars before falling into a cascade of shoulder-moving jazz while maintaining the heavy metal we all come to enjoy.

The follow-up, and prequel to “Solveig” was the release of “Emerald Seas” about a lone sea captain on a distressing quest for immortality. With popular tracks like ‘Succumb’ that displays a higher, symphonic-level of metal with powerful electric guitars, and a catchy, almost sea-shanty set of lyrics.

Their musical influences range from bands like Fleshgod Apocalypse and Dimmu Borgir, to that of Kamelot and Insomnium that is evident in tracks such as the title-track “Gods of Debauchery” that see melodic solos met with passionate orchestral undertones. As well, one of my particular favourites, ‘Cursed Muse’ is reminiscent of Fleshgod Apocalypse with orchestral breaks that bring a refreshing, yet familiar sound to even new listeners. “Gods of Debuachery” is a delectable feast of musical styles that both explore a variety of range and rhythm while still holding strong footing in their melodic metal preferences.

Songs like ‘Lightbringer’ features an almost techno-like undertone with the familiar heavy bass and drums expected with Seven Spires that makes it both catchy and danceable, whether it be a light head-bob to the beat, or full-blown swinging around the dancefloor. But, it’s not the only track that shows some flare with songs like ‘Shadow on an Endless Sea’ featuring tantalizing solos right from the beginning and taking us on a lengthy journey through darkened emotions. In a similar sense, tracks like ‘In Sickness, In Health’ prove that heart-filled emotional ballads are also something that Seven Spires doesn’t shy away from with their music.

Yet, if it’s heavy, quick-paced drums you’re after, you’ll be sure to find it in tracks like ‘This God is Dead’ that takes listeners on a cinematic-level adventure from vocal highs to orchestral solos; potent imagery is conjured from even the simplest of imaginations to bring forth one’s own story while traveling along  this track at a hefty 10:37 in length. The dabbling in video games like Skyrim, and movies like that in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is evident in each captivating yet, differing track that a new story can be conjured from each set of lyrics as if the story were all your own to build and explore. Still, more of my personal favourites are ‘Dare to Live’ for its dark fantasy tones and warrior-like rhythm that makes me head-bang the whole way through. And ‘Oceans in Time’ for its upbeat melody and wicked guitar shredding accompanied by the natural, high-level vocals that Adrienne belts out and I can’t help but sing along with; whether the people in the car beside me like it or not. Nevertheless, I find myself immersed in this album the whole way through, picking up new notes, and preferred lyrics and solos with each new listen. The world could use a heavy pick-me-up and the new “Gods of Debauchery” by Seven Spires is it!


Release Date: September 10, 2021
Label: Frontiers Music S.r.l.
Rating: 8/10

1. Wanderer’s Prayer
2. Gods of Debauchery
3. The Cursed Muse
4. Ghost of Yesterday
5. Lightbringer
6. Echoes of Eternity
7. Shadow On An Endless Sea
8. Dare to Live
9. In Sickness, In Health
10. This God is Dead
11. Oceans of Time
12. The Unforgotten Name
Gods Amongst Men
15. Through Lifetimes
16. Fall With Me

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