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EP review: Veile – The Ghost Sonata

It’s time to come out of the coffin and sharpen your teeth! Blackened horror metal outfit Veile just released their debut EP “The Ghost Sonata” – a perfect soundtrack for all the witches, restless spirits and vamps!

The new UK/Dutch outlet consisting of guitarist Charles Hedger, drummer Frank Skillpero and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Anabelle has a clear vision: to bring your nightmares to life. And well, their debut 3-track EP “The Ghost Sonata” does exactly so.

The trio bets on a proper black metal composition with a hauntingly beautiful vocal performance from Anabelle, macabre orchestrations, and eerie sounds and noises that would make the mighty James Wan run shivers down his spine.

The EP kicks off with “A House In Dust”; as throughout the entire EP, there’s so much going on in this song, but nothing seems out of place. A top-class black metal slaughter gilded with dreadful effects creating the perfect horror atmosphere. My highlight is definitely the calm middle part with the creepy music box and innocent child’s noises that is, as you suspected, a calm before the storm. The band creates a suspenseful feeling so familiar from watching horror movies, broken by Anabelle’s high-pitched scream followed by a feral black metal ride, reaching its peak with a brilliant guitar solo. A sort-of bitter incantation finishes the song off, and leaves you thrilled to hear more.

“The Unwelcome” has a vampiric vibe to it, with spooky keyboard details and organ outro. Anabelle showcases how skilful of a growler she is, and moreover, she truly perfects the background vocal game here. We get to hear another guitar solo carefully positioned to playfully blend in with keyboards and a shiny bass guitar moment. The string arrangements throughout this song freeze the blood in your veins.

The closing piece “Witch” has all the rights to be played during your next coven gathering as you sacrifice a couple of goats to the Dark Lord. The string intro and distant fearful crying are so chilling and gripping, they drag you right into the middle of the bloody ritual. If you didn’t believe witches were real, Anabelle’s passionate hexing and worshipping convince you they are!

She can weep, shriek, growl and do operatic vocals all at the same time. Her literal outbursts throughout this record are so intense and authentic, you will hardly find a better vocal performance this year. Charles and Frank are masters of their craft, and they packed this sinister three-track beast with nothing but excellent riffing and drumming. A powerful, complex and brutal debut, indeed!


Release date: August 27, 2021
Label: Independent
Rating: 9/10

1. A House In Dust
2. The Unwelcome
3. Witch

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