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Album review: Edge Of Paradise – The Unknown

It’s time to stir from the darkest depths of moss and undergrowth, and dive into something different – to explore the Unknown. Edge of Paradise has released their Fourth Studio Album on September 17th, 2021 with label Frontiers Music S.r.l., fresh off the back of their strikingly popular third album, “Universe” with this one titled – “The Unknown”. Formed in 2011 in Los Angeles, California, Edge of Paradise was founded by vocalist/keyboardist Margarita Monet and guitarist Dave Bates, whom later found a variety of talented musicians to accompany them on their journeys from “Mask” all the way to the brand new, “The Universe”.

Edge of Paradise released their debut album, “Mask” shortly after formation with rhythm section bassist Tony Franklin, and drummer Gregg Bisonnette at the time. It came in at #6 in most added on CMJ Radio, just trailing behind Machine Head, and solidifying their existence in the metal world. Critics worldwide quickly became fans of the soaring vocals and industrial-tinged metal sound the band seemed to have quickly brought under their command.

By 2013, new songs and recordings were in the works with the talented Michael Waegner, and award-winning producer Bob Kulick which gave birth to the EP “Perfect Shade of Black”; it was only available physically before a worldwide full-length album release in 2015. The EP itself received epic reception which let the world know that the band had a fire beneath them and that the flames were only going to grow higher.

After a heavy year of touring in 2014, the band released their second full-length album – “Immortal Waltz” in 2015. Once more, the band received supernova-level reviews both online and in print, including earning an ‘album of the week’ title as voted on by fans of Revolver Magazine.

In 2019, the band released their third, full-length studio album titled “Universe” with a startling, heavier sound with songs like the title track “Universe” quickly gaining traction with fans worldwide. Similarly, the same heavy sounds from this album, and this track, can be found in noteworthy hints on their newest album in songs like “Digital Paradise” that will quickly embrace both longtime listeners, and new fans alike.

“Digital Paradise” is the perfect combination of heavy and catchy with great lyrical hooks echoed out with intensity. Accompanied by the music video released in June 2021, this track depicts a mix of twists and turns that embrace its unique combination of sci-fi inspiration and traditional fantasy-like vocals. This fixed with a head-banger drum track, and captivating string-shredding, make this introductory song one to put on repeat, and one that easily became one of my favourites from this album.

Another of my favourite tracks from the new album is “Tidal Wave” which comes in strong from beginning to end with Margarita’s voice commanding the beat beneath her like a ship navigating treacherous waters. The high-soaring vocals mixed with the heavy instrumental display a grandiose passion unmatched by any other.

Not to be outdone, the title track “The Unknown” is an otherworldly ballad that fades from one sorrowful realm into one of fiery passion and expression belted out in intricate rhythm and powerful vocals. Listeners are caressed by Margarita’s siren-like call, lured into a world of delicate keys that build up into the clouds before coming down like a vicious thunderbolt of powerful drums and battle-like orchestration.

In favoured, Edge of Paradise, tradition, strong, emotional ballads are not left out of the spotlight with songs like “Believe” bringing in the heaviness of talented guitar work that quenches the musical thirst of all listening types whether you began your journey on a head-banger’s adventure or a head-swinging, eyes closed kind of trail.

Classic tracks like the popular, “Rise for the Fallen” can be heard on this album with recognizable riffs; alongside ghostly bass that is reminiscent of old favourites like “Perfect Shade of Black”.

Priding themselves as being one of the most engaging bands worldwide, Edge of Paradise loves welcoming new fans, interacting with them across the world on social media, and hopefully future after-show hangouts. The band, closer than ever before, is ready to hit the ground running with brand new music to share, live, with the world. There is hopes that extensive touring in 2022 will be possible in support of “The Unknown”. Edge of Paradise’s commitment to their uniqueness offers a refreshing insight into the world of metal music with each track bringing in its own story-like enigma leaving listeners to wonder just what’s in store for the future.


Release Date: September 17, 2021.
Label: Frontiers Music S.r.l.
Rating: 8/10

1. Digital Paradise
2. My Method Your Madness
3. Tidal Wave
4. The Unknown
5. Believe
6. False Idols
7. You Touch You Die
8. One Last Time
9. Leaving Earth
10. Bound To The Rhythm
 11. My Method Your Madness (Industrial Mix) – bonus track

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