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ODC – Wanted (Music Video)

French modern metal act ODC releases ambitious music video for new single “Wanted”. Watch it below.

Bridging the gap between heavy metal and classic rock models, ODC’s French blend various influences, creating an infectious style of modern metal. After a first EP in 2019 and a string of singles, ODC reaches the next level after signing with BloodBlast, a digital rock and metal distributor developed by Believe Music and Nuclear Blast. “We can’t wait to tell you more about our upcoming releases!” says Celia Do.

To debut the partnership with BloodBlast, ODC releases the single “Wanted”, backed by a mega production and an ambitious music video. “Wanted” brings a great story sung in three languages: English, Spanish and French, backed by modern metal, where the guitar lines are driven by 8 strings, in a powerful rhythm, and electronic sounds around the beautiful voice of Celia Do .

“The song talks about how women can be imprisoned by society in predetermined roles and how they can break free from these stereotypes to express their strong and fierce side. Modern Metal opens a new era and encourages women to dare to assert themselves as they wish”, explains founder Celia Do.

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