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Ad Infinitum release music video for “Afterlife” ft. Nils Molin

Ad Infinitum presents the next single “Afterlife” and its music video from their upcoming album “Chapter II – Legacy”. Watch it below.

Ad Infinitum originally started out as a side project, as the solo project of Melissa Bonny back in 2018. But soon it grew bigger then she ever imagined. With Niklas Miller (drums), Adrian Thessenvitz (guitars) and Korbinian Benedict (bass) completing the line up, they are now ready to launch their third studio album “Chapter II – Legacy, out on 29 October.

For their song “Afterlife” they joined forces with Nils Molin from Amaranthe and Dynazty.

Ad Infinitum on the new single:
“’Afterlife’ is one of those songs that was an obvious candidate to introduce and represent the sound of our second album. We are proud to present a darker, heavier Ad Infinitum and we are thrilled to share “the stage” with one of the greatest voices in metal nowadays, mister Nils Molin.”
Nils Molin adds:
”Ad Infinitum is one of those few bands that with their second album go beyond delivering upon the great promise established by their first release and instead shatter expectations with Chapter II – Legacy! I’m hella excited to contribute with my voice and be featured on the haunting and devilishly delicate track and second single release – ‘Afterlife’!”

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