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Canadian Metallers Anarcheon release new EP

Canada’s Anarcheon has a “Scary Tale” to tell you on their new three-track EP. Delivering a creepy, but groovy vibe, their EP “Scary Tale” takes you through a vampiric journey into the dark side of Anarcheon. The EP tells the story of a woman transitioning into a blood-thirsty beast who obsessively desires her lady lover, but only to realize once she is turned, she is someone she never imagined she could be.

The EP has been in the works for a while and it’s lyrically very different from what Anarcheon have released in the past, but keeps that groovy instrumental element they have honed. These new songs are all horror-based and blood lustful, but with a twist of metaphorical magic.

“We are excited to showcase what we have been brewing up. With bassist Sylvain being our main writer, this has taken a turn in the direction we have always needed to go in. Get ready for some scrap metal! Kaija our vocalist and lyricist tends to write very emotionally and personally. A lot of writing in the past has been the struggle to find yourself with the ever-impending doom of meaninglessness and hopelessness. We are hoping to get everyone grooving and moshing, but also leave you with a sense of fright and uneasiness. Like ‘what’d this demonic gal just say?!'” adds the band.

One can as well take this EP as a metaphor for someone very lost in love and what is right and wrong. Those who could feel like they can be two different people once they have suffered a tragedy or heartbreak, which can result in self-loathing and guilt that could ruin someone and/or can be seen to protect themselves by turning off their consciousness hence feeling superhuman with no emotions to weigh you down. 

Bassy, and groovy, Anarcheon is suitable for fans of Sepultura, The Agonist and Carcass. 

“Scary Tale” is available on



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