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Metal Goddesses Awards 2021 – Readers Choice

Dear readers and fellow metalheads,

The time has come. The Metal Goddesses Awards 2021 Readers Choice. We wanted to wait until the very last releases of the year 2021 have dropped. So here we go. It is now your turn to crown the best of the year 2021.

In 2020 we already thought that with some 70ish albums it was a busy year. And we had no clue that 2021 would pulverize this number with ease! In 2021 more then 170 albums have been released! But as it would be a task too big to undertake to include them all into this round of the Metal Goddesses Awards, we racked our brains and struggled, what bands to include.

We left aside some categories and added new ones instead. And we also thought, that usually the “big players” take it all and smaller bands have no chance. That is the reason, why we decided to take the “big players” out. But no worries! We put them into a separate category.

What else do you need to know? You need to be logged in into your Google account. This is to prevent people from voting multiple times. And no worries! No data will be collected!

The poll will be closed on 29th January! So, have fun, support your favourites and cast your vote.

Vote here


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