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EP-Review: Mariangela Demurtas – “Dark Ability”

As the former singer of the wildly successful Norwegian Gothic Metal band, Tristania, it should come as no surprise that Mariangela Demurtas has gone out on her branch, ascending to the smallest leaf and diving into the winds of change. Her haunting, yet beautiful dark solo affair comes with one of the most charismatic and cherished voices you’ve come to associate within the Gothic Metal scene. “Dark Ability” is the new, 4-song, EP debuting February 11th, by the singer, songwriter, and vocal coach.

This EP is a dark yet, deeply explorative journey of the inner self and the consequences one must acknowledge in return for their actions.

“City” has a mainstream, Adele vibe to it with vocal prowess that is all too familiar with Mariangela. It’s slow yet, surprisingly uplifting in its execution with the lyrics high and light, preaching freedom from fire while gentle drums and bass caress our hearts. It’s short but, all too bittersweet leading us to crave more which we’re happily treated to.



The second track is called “Classic” and is dark and foreboding with lingering orchestration that screams rainy evening. City lights pale against endless drops of rain on the glass; we stare into the black nothingness of night, thinking back to the decisions that led us here, and the consequences now haunting our heart. “Where should I stay? Where should I go?” dances on Mariangela’s lips as it trickles into our mind and sits, asking a simple set of questions we cannot fathom the answer to.

“Crosstime” takes us down another street in Dark Ability’s cityscape; it’s light and airy with an Ellie Goulding element to it in tone and sound that is brilliantly lifted and exposed by Mariangela’s vocal talent. It’s neither quick nor slow but, the perfect thought-provoking track that comes on as you drive through the woods. It’s easy listening, with a melody that brings a smile to your face, and a warmth to your heart as the lyrics and tune paint a beautiful countryside drive in your mind. Does it depict freedom? Or perhaps acknowledgement.



The final track from the EP is “Forgiverance” that embraces darkness with amazingly expressive lyrics about sorrow, and wrongdoings. The melody is deep, creating emotional impact as Mariangela expresses vocal command with soaring high notes and lingering holds that demand respect and admiration.

This EP is almost perfect in length, and divine in exposition in deep, and dark emotional exploration. It utilizes simple musical elements to back Mariangela’s vocal strength and ability that leaves us with tracks that not only dwell on our mind but, have cut deeply into our very cores.

Favourite Track: Classic

Release Date: February 11th, 2022
Label: Independent Release
Rating: 9.5/10

Track Listing:
1.) City
2.) Classic
3.) Crosstime
4.) Forgiverance

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