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Single Review: Liquid State – “Static”

Dropped on February 18th, Liquid State push the musical boundaries while delving deeper into their unsparing persona with the release of their newest single “Static”. Composed of Keren Ashley (Vocals), Kray Zelinger-Mundy (Guitar), Ben Bull (Bass), and Henry Moffatt (Drums), Liquid State come out feral and fueled by pure adrenaline.

This single is a thunderclap of pure skull-crushing metal. It’s energetic and filled with infectious passion. From gorgeous melodic breakdowns to the contrasting vocals of shrill banshee wails and divine highs. Keren shows great vocal domination, indulging in a range of emotional lows, intense mids, and unmatched highs throughout that seem to come as second nature. The drop is a maddening creation of flashing riffs and deafening drums that mix with fluids vocals to bring about a moment of calm. However, the intensity burns through, captivating listeners with persistent sound and atmospheric pressure.

The lyrics of this track tread on being ‘blinded by love’ so deeply that we are willing to let ourselves be manipulated and deceived. Whether willingly or not, we move beyond the truth to protect ourselves and the false image of bliss we may have created.

This track is a far cry from earlier tracks like “Face to Face” that dropped only a year prior. Displaying greater passion and crafting than ever thought imaginable, this single is one that is locked and loaded, and I am ready for a full reveal on what’ to come from the hungry, and untamable Liquid State.






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