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Album Review: Glasya – “Attarghan”

As anyone should know, I’m a sucker for an album with a great storyline at its heart. That, of course, means that I indulge quite deeply in Power Metal and Symphonic Metal and absolutely listen again and again. Glasya’s newest album “Attarghan” is one of those albums.

They describe themselves as being an “OST Metal band inspired by the colourful soundtrack LPs of the 60’s and 70’s” whose main purpose is to tell stories and give fans the perfect soundtrack to involve themselves in. Glasya is a Portugal-based Metal ensemble made up of members Eduarda Soeiro (Vocals), Hugo Esteves (Guitars), Bruno Prates (Guitars), Davon Van Dave (Keyboards, Orchestrations), Antonio Duraes (Bass), and Bruno Ramos (Drums).

“Attarghan” is a Persian Epic with its very own soundtrack. A former army commander, turned rebel, Attarghan drives the uprising of the people colonized by an unhistorical pre-Persian Empire to become the main opposing force against it. This is a 15-track story with specialized tracks that move fluidly with the story, evolving from one to the next to express the feeling of a specific moment and evoke your imagination to take you into that exact time and space.

“Attarghan” is a near music-less introduction to our character, establishing just who he is, and his resolve before dropping us into the fray.

“From Enemy to Hero” feats. Marco Pastorio (Temperance) who lends his contrasting vocals to Eduarda, taking us on a journey from the raspy, deep-voiced enemy, to angelically lifted hero with musical tantalization and expression. It has a 300 feel with Gladiator tones to our hero that finishes with an epic speech you must hear for yourself to truly feel its passion.



The third track, “Retaliation” holds the torch of heavy metal high with a parade of orchestration backing it up. Eduarda’s vocals are light and gentle against the heaviness of this track and its vivid scenes of bloody battle. It’s layered with visuals, from the fear of waiting for the first strike to the battle’s endurance, and the sneak attack to take the enemy down. It’s lyrically focused to put you at the center of the attacks and does so majestically with lyrics like “one by one we’ll catch them, leave without a trace” like a candle snuffed out by a whisper.

“First Taste of Freedom” features Chaos Magic’s Caterina Nix to add another level of Soprano highs to this light and freeing track. It’s got symphonic depth that’s praised by the vocal duet between Eduarda and Caterina. It shows the other side of war; what’s worth fighting for. The joy, the laughter, and the freedom from its wrath. Delicate keys add starlight to this ear-piercing track with beautiful solos and sky-sparkling brilliance that’s light-hearted and ripe with emotion.

As we descend, “Journey to Akhbar” comes through as a weighty track with heavy drums and low bass that defines the melody of this song. It’s the journey in this melody that’s painted in brilliant golden hues and dangerously bright rays of sunlight. To look around and seek the answers for aid and harden your resolve. It’s intervals of viciousness and hums contrast one another to show desperation and determination in seamless composition. The final drop with dragging riffs clears the sand from the air to show perseverance as the path to victory.



One of my favourites off the album is “Battle of Trust” that has a grinding introductory riff that’s definitely bait for a rapid-paced track that ups the intensity. It’s got vocal power that’s cranked by the thick guitars that stay at the forefront. Hammering drums keep the steady march forward as orchestrations paint the images of brutality and endurance being advanced. There’s an absolute spine-tingling solo near the end that’s wildly executed, veiling this track in the final stretch of force that it needs to unleash.

“Within the Sandstorm” holds cinematic flare with its rapid riffs and high-strung orchestration. It’s a mix of furious vocals and battling highs that pull you in to catchy one-liners and the sand-covered dance for survival. Visually stunning with imaginations running wild, battling through sightless wind, and whirling sands that tear at your flesh. Guitars roam free on this track with pauses that make for beautifully painted pictures of fear, surrender, and frustration only further expressed by the hastened guitar strings and vicious solos.

As we begin to wind down, “A New Era Has Come” embraces the finale with glorious orchestrations and frightening metal sound. The signature metal drums get your head-banging while the choir amps you up for what’s to come. Vocals tear in quickly and relentlessly, backed by feverish composition that has you launching yourself around ever palace corner with sword and shield in hand. It’s the perfect blend of harsh lows and desperate highs to show the truth behind battle; the consequences that may come from retaliation. Death, disaster, and victory, the actions, cost, and end to an adventurous tale. A new era has come to shape the future of the rising dawn.

I went in with high expectations after a boast of musical inspirations were catered to my own favourites. The story was a mesh of Gladiator’s individual influence and emotion matched by 300’s unlikely endurance that was mesmerizing in its musical execution. Those on the hunt for influential metal mixed with a story for long road-trip relief and escape from the norm will find great pleasure in this album.

Favourite Tracks: First Taste of Freedom, Battle for Trust, and Within The Sandstorm

FFO: Nightwish, Dream Theater, Epica, and Hans Zimmer.

Release Date: February 18th, 2022
Label: Scarlet Records
Rating: 7/10
Track Listing:
1.) Attarghan
2.) From Enemy to Hero
3.) Way To Victory
4.) Retaliation
5.) First Taste of Freedom
6.) Journey to Akhbar
7.) Queen’s Temptation
8.) Battle for Trust
9.) The Sound of 10, 000 Feet Marching
10.) Within The Sandstorm
11.) We Weren’t Meant To Be
12.) At The Empire’s Gate
13.) Eye To Eye, Sword To Sword
14.) A New Era Has Come
15.) The Legend Lives On




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