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Album Review: Konvent – “Call Down The Sun” plus Tour Announcement

Copenhagen-based Danish Doom Metallers, Konvent, bring the darkness of recent times into the spotlight with their album “Call Down The Sun” inspired by the cancellation of live performances, and the ongoing pandemic across the globe.

The sophomore release from these ladies of Doom, Konvent consists of members Rikkie Emilie (Vocals), Sara Helena Norregaard (Guitar), Heidi Withington Brink (Bass), and Julie Simonsen (Drums). The talents of songwriting and creation evident on their 2020 debut “Puritan Masochism” are once more found on their latest release, dropping us into an expression of fury, desperation, and ferocity like no other.

“Call Down The Sun” is pissed off, pitch black, and ready to obliterate with tracks that scream power, and demand answers. Though only 9-tracks in length, this album shows no yield in its vicious display of mixed Death and Doom that leaves you begging for more.

“Into the Darkness” is dark, grungy, and fueled by an over abundance of tragedy. It’s a track that sees doom metal dragged out in full force with guttural growls and heavy riffs that smack you with wall to wall impact.

The second track, “Sand is King” is a high-octane track with deafening screams and demonic howls. High note riffs embrace thrashing drums to make for a unique take on typically slow doom; ramping up with gentle speed and offering a death metal mid-section that captivates with ease.

“Grains” takes on death metal sound with harsh vocals and bass that drags out a gentle rhythm. It’s got shrill melody and vicious howls that echo through the shadows and sink into your very soul that had me quickly head-banging along.



The song, “Never Rest” starts out slow, with heavy drums and carefully strung bass before escalating into a display of vocal power and righteous riffs. It’s the perfect mix of death and doom that takes its time in creation to ensure the atmosphere stays dark and malevolent.

By far my favourite from the album, “Pipe Dreams” is an easy mover that offers up the right level of bang and growl. It’s got slow and quick sections to keep things from mellowing, offering small bursts of energy and surprise. Instrumentally it’s exquisite for favouring musical variety and offering a change in sound that keeps listeners intrigued.

The final track, “Harena” is musically elevated, sitting high above the others. It’s a melodic song with layers of doom in its bass, death in its riffs, and heavy in its drumming. Vocals take high aim at demonic cries and low growls, combining for a vicious expression of despair and stamina.



The band about “Harena”:

“Harena is an inner dialogue about self doubt, even though you know you’re meant for something bigger,” the band comments. “During this dialogue, you convince yourself it’s better to stay at status quo, because the feeling of unsatisfaction has become a well known safe space, though the outcome could be so much greater if you took a chance.”


Overall, it’s a musically delectable album that holds talent and skill in unique compositions that both offer comfort and surprise to listeners. For those who enjoy a sampling of subgenres, this blend of Death and Doom metal is sure to satisfy.

Release Date: March 11th, 2022
Label: Napalm Records
Rating: 7/10
Track Listing:
1.) Into The Distance
2.) Sand is King
3.) In The Soot
4.) Grains
5.) Fatamorgana
6.) Interlude
7.) Never Rest
8.) Pipe Dreams
9.) Harena

Furthermore, Konvent have announced an extensive European tour, kicking off in Denmark this April! With Implore Livlos, (0) and Hiraes on the bill, make sure to catch this killer package live at the following dates:



Napalm Records

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