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Single Review: Anniken – Climb Out of Hell

Debuting off the upcoming album of the same name, comes Darkest Sins’ vocalist, Anniken, with her single “Climb Out of Hell.” Born from the phrase “and because I’ve been broken too, I recognize the pieces of you,” this track has an Unleash the Archers feel to it in sound and tone. It starts up slow but, it works perfect for the build up to an inspirational chorus.

Premiering on February 16th, the lyric video for “Climb Out of Hell” appeared on YouTube that shows off the album’s artwork, and teases on what’s to come. It’s lyrically majestic but, it seems to not align with its musical counterpart in my opinion. It’s got epic-level high solo performances and cascading electronic mixes that result in banger material, with lyrics like “How do you climb out of hell? I guess, you gotta start somewhere,” offering a blunt truth to listeners.



This track offers up Iron Maiden levels of heaviness, while still keeping a relatively ballad-like feel at its core to offer up something different that definitely has us intrigued on what the album’s entirety will sound like.

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