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Single Review: Scarlet Aura – “Ya Svoboden / I am Free”

Originally done by Margarita Pushkina and Valery Kipelov, Scarlet Aura’s rendition and their universal calling for peace and unity, is one of sheer beauty and heartfelt commitment. Originally revealed more than two decades ago, the message of “Ya Svoboden/I Am Free” still rings true today.



Astonished by the Russian attack over the Ukraine, the band chose to release this track even without having much knowledge into world politics and orders, knowing only that peace, safety, and freedom is the essence of Humanity.

“Having all of this in mind, the band played the track in the Russian language to ensure its message is understood once more by the millions of Russians who do not want to be involved in this war and do not support their government’s actions. It is a support message for the Ukrainian civilians, and innocent victims in this horrific act of war, and for all of us who suffer alongside the terrorized citizens of this continent, of this world.”

“I will be free, from the evil and the good,” are lyrics of strength and compassion. While the lines, “I will forget your voice, and about that earthly love that was burning us to ash. And I was going mad. In my soul, there is no more place for you,” speaks of war, tyranny, and the will to fight back.

This rendition debuted on February 28th, 2022, and is beautiful, taking care that its message is not diluted and rather amplified by a gentle heavy metal addition. It’s not only an elegant tribute to the original but, a dedicated expression to a message and a song that is more than relevant today, more than ever before.

This track will be available on Scarlet Aura’s album ‘Under My Skin’ out on April 22nd, 2022, via Silver City Records, with the single to be found across most major streaming services.

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