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Cadaveria announce new Album

Italian metal act Cadaveria are very excited to finally announce that their new album, entitled “Emptiness”, will be out on May 27th, 2022. “Emptiness” is Cadaverias sixth album, coming almost eight years after their last full length “Silence”. The band is very glad to announce to have signed a deal with Time To Kill Records, that will release “Emptiness” on CD, double LP and cassette.

Pre-Save the album on Spotify here

The album cover art was created by Roberto Toderico (Asphyx, Arch Enemy, Dark Funeral).
Cadaveria herself commented: “There is a lot to say about this new album, the artwork’s meaning and about the title… We will reveal everything in the following weeks. In the meantime we want to thank everyone who made this opus possible and all Cadaveria fans who have been waiting for it for so long!”


Time to Kill Records

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