Cage Fight release “Killer” Music Video from their upcoming slef-titled Album

Hardcore x thrash crossover band Cage Fight have dropped the new single “Killer.”

Bassist Jon Reid explains, “‘Killer’ is a release of anger and fury directed at anyone that has caused wrong and is a rallying cry to those that feel pure visceral rage and need a soundtrack to that pure emotion. The song’s intensity is based in a simple remit, if you have wronged… you better start running…”

The tracks accompanying video clip documents frontwoman Rachel Aspe tattooing the band’s logo on a client’s palm. The resulting image — a grabbing hand with the Cage Fight logo tattooed at the center — visually portrays the violent rage at the core of the band’s music and was aptly used as the album artwork.”I wanted to create artwork that represents pain, anger, resilience, and power – themes of our music,” Aspe shares. “The palm is extremely painful to tattoo, so the palm-tattooed hand clawing the air in a red mist does this very aggressively. I tattooed a very brave model at Evil From The Needle in Camden; the hand had to be strapped down, and it took two tortuous hours.”

The band’s debut self-titled album is due out 13 May on Candlelight. Pre-order it here.


“Intro” (Feat. Jeremy Sylvester)

“The Mirror Shattered”


“Hope Castrated”

“Make A Decision”


“Cage Fight!”

Shine Don’t Fade

“One Minute”

“Tell Me What Real Is”

Respect Ends

“Eating Me Alive” (Feat. Trevor Strnad The Black Dahlia Murder)

“My Dreams”

“Bitch In The Pit” (Body Count cover) 


Rachel Aspe — Vocals

James Monteith — Guitar

Jon Reid — Bass

Nick Plews — Drums



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