Metal Goddesses vol. 9 – 05/18

Metal Goddesses vol. 9 - 05/18 on Metal Goddesses.

Guess what? We’re back with a new playlist. Metal Goddesses vol. 9 is now available for streaming. Click that play button and enjoy.


  1. Kobra And The Lotus – The Chain
  2. Bloodhunter – Spirits of Sin
  3. Secret Rule – The Song of the Universe
  4. Light This City – A Grotesque Reflection
  5. Paper Doll Decay – My Passionate Misery
  6. Alia Tempora with Timo Somers – Black ‘N’ White
  7. Conflict – Infinite Travel
  8. Delain – The Tragedy of the Commons
  9. Straight Line Stitch – Promise Me
  10. Amaranthe – Burn With Me
  11. Butcher Babies – Look What We’ve Done
  12. Lyria – Hard to Believe
  13. Sleeping Romance – Enlighten
  14. Cradle Of Filth – Nymphetamine-Jezebel Deva Fix
  15. The Charm The Fury – Break and Dominate

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mg vol 9 cover
Cover image: Elize Ryd of Amaranthe by Metal Goddesses Media Association. Original photo by Epic Moonlight Fotografie. All Rights Reserved.