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“I went on Tinder and swiped right on every single guy holding a guitar.” – Interview with Molly Rennick, vocalist of Living Dead Girl

Last month we had the chance to have a nice little chat with Molly Rennick and Jordan Storring, founders of Living Dead Girl. We talked about moving from Canada to the US, how the band came into being and what influences their style. Sit back and enjoy!

MG: You are currently preparing to move from Canada to the US. How are you? Are things going as planned?  What are the obstacles to overcome?

Molly: It is going as I expected. I knew it was not going to be easy, as the US make it very difficult to move there on purpose. So far it is like 12000 Dollar with lawyer fees and the most paperwork I have ever seen in my entire life! But I am pretty much near the end of the process and I should have the visa in my hands  within the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed. [Editor’s note: meanwhile the relocation has been completed].

MG: Last year in June you released your first album, “Exorcism”. How are the reactions you experienced so far?

Molly: The responses are really good! People are loving it. And this makes me happy. We’ve seen many 5 star reviews [Editor’s note: 5 of 5] So, it’s been really good. And it feels very encouraging. It just makes me want to do another album. People loved it, so I want to keep doing it now.

MG: Speaking of reactions: how did your family and friends react, when you told them you wanted to become a musician?

Molly: Well, it all just kinda made sense, because I wanted to be a musician since I was like 5 or 6 years old. So by the time I was a teenager and I was like forming bands, writing music and working with local producers. I don’t think it actually surprised anyone. Since I was like 3 years old, when I started saying   things like “I want to be a famous singer one day” and “I want to be a rockstar”. I don’t think it surprises my friends or family anymore. I have lost my shock value at this point. I am pretty predictable.



MG: How did you get in touch with your band mates?

Molly: I went on Tinder and swiped right on every single guy holding a guitar. And I just messaged them: “Hey, do you want to start a band with me?” And I found Jordan. So I was like 16 years old. So we met online and I was messaging every guy I could find with a guitar in his profile picture. And I acutally got a few people, so it did work. But Jordan is the only other original band member.

MG: Very interesting to hear, what a dating app can be good for!

Molly: I tried everything! It wasn’t working! I was posting job listings on ad-websites, I posted on Facebook, I could not find people!

Jordan: It is really hard to find musicians around our area. Good musicians, I want to add.

MG: Considering how sparsely populated Canada is, I can understand the struggle.

Molly: Yes, there is not as much Metal here in Canada as is in Europe or the USA.

MG: But you pulled it off!

Molly: Yes, he is a keeper. The only successful Tinder relationship in history.

MG: What did you feel when you found out your album is nominated in the MG Awards 2021? And what was your reaction when you found out about the results?

Molly: I was really excited, because there were so many albums there that I love, like The Pretty Reckless – “Death by Rock ‘n Roll”, and I was beside them! I was like “Wow! Really?” And than we won it! I was in disbelief! Because there’s better albums out there than mine. Then I was like “Nah! My album is my favourite!”



MG: You are a huge fan of Disney. What are the chances to see you making a Metal/Rock song about a Disney theme, like “The little Mermaid” or “The Lion King” or any other Disney classic?

Molly: I’m not gonna lie!There is one song I wrote, that did not end up on “Exorcism”, so it may end up on the next album. But literally the lyrics are based around the story of “The Little Mermaid”. So the chances are very good. It already kind of exists.

MG: In a Q&A in your Instagram story I asked you about the chances to see Living Dead Girl touring through Europe. What bands would you like to go tour with?

Molly: I really want to tour with In This Moment, really badly! And I think that’s quite possible in the future. So, In This Moment, New Year’s Day, Ice Nine Kills, Motionless In White…

Jordan: Definitely Motionless In White!

Molly: Anything that falls into the category of Gothic Metal. We have the exact same fan base. So this makes so much sense. I love bands like The Pretty Reckless, Halestorm and stuff like that. When it comes to getting a bit more niche with the demographic we would be so perfect to open up for someone like Motionless In White or Ice Nine Kills as we have the exact same fanbase.

MG: I know that Avril Lavigne is one of your big role models, if not THE role model. What other idols do you have?

Molly: My other idols? Erm… not a musician but my other idol is definitely Walt Disney. As nerdy as it sounds to say that, but I love him. Another one is Lzzy Hale. I have so much respect for her. I actually met her a few  times. And the way she treats her fans… she is like the nicest person ever. She is a sweetheart.

Jordan: Motionless In White is definitely one of my favourites. I am a huge fan!

MG:       Thank you for your precious time!



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