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April Art release the first single of their upcoming Album “Pokerface”

The song conveys a positive attitude towards life and gives courage to live your dreams and to believe in yourself. “Sky Is The Limit” comes along in the usual snotty April Art manner and the listener is ripped off his chair after just a few seconds with thundering guitar riffs. Full of conviction, Lisa embodies the “Rock ‘n Roll Lady” as written in books.

The song itself and the music video for it have been produced entirely by the band themselves. April Art are modern, fresh, cheeky and give courage, strength and optimism. Exactly what the world needs right now! Beauty and the beast are united here in one person – Lisa-Marie Watz, the frontwoman of the band.

Chris Bunnell, Ben Juelg and Julian Schuetze provide the vocal force of nature with an instrumental, brute pedestal. The band knows exactly what they are doing and they do it with passion and a positive “Fuck it” feeling – especially when things get difficult, that means only one thing for the band: “And now even more so!” The band didn’t let themselves be defeated, but repositioned themselves musically, wrote songs and produced them in their own studio.



On June 17th, 2022 the time has come and April Art will release their new album “Pokerface” on their own. Despite various requests from record companies, April Art want to release their album without a label. And this time the band decided not to hire an external producer and gave the job to their drummer Ben Juelg. The result: hard, edgy and melodic songs, full of energy and passion and 100% April Art. As frontwoman Lisa says: “The songs are made for the here and now, further partners would only have slowed us down. Even if it’s difficult times, the fans are waiting for new music”…that’s April Art, loud, rebellious, idiosyncratic and very, very positive! Currently we need artists who deal with the present and at the same time do their thing, go outside and sweep us away with their positive spirit. Thus, April Art can confidently be placed in the category “Beacon of Hope No. 1 for a heavily insecure scene”.




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