Metal Goddesses vol 10 – 06/18

Metal Goddesses vol. 10 - 06/18 on Metal Goddesses.

Another month, another playlist. Metal Goddesses vol. 10 is now available for streaming. The playlist includes many awesome bands such as Semblant, Aeverium, Eyes Set to Kill and many more. Click play and enjoy.


  1. Butcher Babies – Korova
  2. Straight Line Stitch – What You Do to Me
  3. For I Am King – Breathe the Fire
  4. Lifehack – Wait Up
  5. Eyes Set To Kill – Die Trying
  6. Jinjer – Who Is Gonna Be the One
  7. Light This City – Terminal Bloom
  8. Semblant – Mists Over the Future
  9. Aeverium – Distrust
  10. Amaranthe – Mechanical Illusion
  11. Jeff Loomis feat. Christine Rhoades – Tragedy and Harmony
  12. Arch Enemy – Avalanche
  13. Dark Oath – Brother’s Fall
  14. Theatre Of Tragedy – Siren
  15. Lacuna Coil – Distant Sun

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mg vol 10 cover
Cover image: Alissa White-Gluz by Metal Goddesses Media Association. Original photo by Valerie Schuster. All rights reserved.