Lizette “Lizzy” Didriksson Leaving The Embodied

Lizette "Lizzy" Didriksson Leaving The Embodied on Metal Goddesses.

Yesterday the Swedish melodic metal band The Embodied announced that they’ve decided to part ways with their lead vocalist Lizette “Lizzy” Didriksson. The band’s unexpected statement contains no details about their decision, but it informs everyone that they will not stop writing new songs.

Lizette “Lizzy” Didriksson performing with The Embodied. (Photo by Johan Thunberg)

Following the departure of Marcus Thorell, Lizette “Lizzy” Didriksson joined the band in February, 2017. After a few gigs in Sweden and Central Europe, Lizette and The Embodied released two singles – that are called “Growing Horns” and “Tear My Skin” – and a music video to “Tear My Skin”. On July 10, 2018 both The Embodied and Lizette posted about the lead singer’s decision.

The Embodied:

“Some news from the band 🤘
We have decided to part ways with Lizette “Lizzy” Didriksson and wish her luck and all the best in the future!
We are still writing new music and stay tuned for what happens next.
Stay Metal!”


“I’m no longer with The Embodied. It’s not due to any serious or personal matters, it was just time to move on. I wish them good luck and promise you all that my journey won’t end here.
When one door closes, another door opens.
Right now I’m looking for producers and bands who’d like to work with me and be a part of my journey!”

Unfortunately, we have no further information on what’s happening with The Embodied, but stay with us and you might learn more about the situation and of course we will keep an eye on Lizette and her future.