Tarja is teasing a new record

Tarja is currently in the US, promoting her new live record “Act II” that came out July 27, but she is already busy working on the follow-up of her 2016’s album “The Shadow Self”. Doing a lot of press, Tarja spilt some secrets about what’s coming next. Read what she has to say about her upcoming studio record below. 

Asked about a new album in an interview for Bloodlines, she answered: “I’ve been writing songs. I’ve been writing plenty of songs, actually. I have more songs than needed for the album itself. I’m working on lyrics at the moment. I think, I believe or… I feel that the album is pretty much darker than the previous one and even a… bit heavier maybe… than “The Shadow Self”.”

Never forgetting her symphonic side and that her first love was classical music, she states: “I will never get away from that. There are not like that kind of radical changes. But, there is always a change when there is a new album of mine coming.” 

Speaking to Heavy New York, Tarja even shared when to expect the record: “Actually, I want to hit the studio early at the beginning of next year. So, yes, you can expect the album, I think… September… or something like that next year.” 

You can watch both interviews below.