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Arch Enemy – Reason To Believe (Music Video)

Swedish metal band Arch Enemy just released an official video for “Reason To Believe”. The single is available as a digital download and a limited 7-inch vinyl, featuring the cover song “Shout” (Tear For Fears) on the B-side. Watch the video below.

“A song is a feeling, a concert is an experience. You are all a part of this with us – so here’s a video to showcase the side of the music business that is sometimes forgotten: the hard-working and dedicated crew, the venues, the experience and YOU – the fans! This one’s for you!” posted the vocalist Alissa White-Gluz on her social media.

You can get “Reason To Believe” on a black vinyl (limited to 300 copies), clear vinyl (limited to 100 copies, only available at CMDistro EU), white vinyl (limited to 200 copies), silver vinyl (limited to 200 copies, only available at Nuclear Blast), red vinyl (limited to 200 copies, only available at EMP) and digital single.

On January 18th, 2019 Arch Enemy will also release a cover album titled “Covered In Blood”. It’s a compilation of cover songs the band has recorded during their career. Pieces like “The Oath” (Kiss), “Aces High” (Iron Maiden) or “Breaking The Law” (Judas Priest) are among 24 covered songs featured on the album. The whole tracklist can be seen below: 

1. Shout
2. Back to Back
3. Shadow On the Wall
4. Breaking The Law
5. Nitad
6. When the Innocent Die
7. Warsystem
8. Armed Revolution
9. Spräckta Snutskallar
10. The Leader (Of the Fuckin’ Assholes)
11. City Baby Attacked by Rats
12. Warning
13. The Zoo
14. Wings Of Tomorrow
15. The Oath
16. The Book of Heavy Metal
17. Walk In the Shadows
18. Incarnated Solvent Abuse
19. Kill With Power
20. Symphony of Destruction
21. Aces High
22. Scream of Anger
23. Starbreaker
24. The Ides of March