New album by Melissa Bonny could be released in 2019

Originally written by Carmen Nimtz.

Melissa Bonny, known as the lead vocalist of Evenmore and Rage of Light, just announced her upcoming solo project ‘Ad Infinitum’. The very first album could be released in 2019, Melissa hopes. Read more information below.

The very first promo photo for Ad Infinitum by Vladimir Cochet.

The Swiss singer, who could be seen on stage as a guest vocalist for Serenity during their “Symphonic Metal Nights” tour this fall, started her career early by singing in her school choir when she was only 6. Bonny has practically enjoyed making music her whole life and is finally putting all the pieces together to create “an album that sounds 100% me”. For this, she is working hard and on November 30 the first single will already be released to give the first impression of Ad Infinitum. “This album will project you into another era” she teases, still in disbelief that for her the unthinkable will turn into reality.

Bonny also announced that starting the last day of November, pre-orders for the album and related merch will be possible, in order to support her crowdfunding campaign, and thus help her release her solo project sooner. “The aim is 2019!” she states on her social media pages and we, for sure, cannot wait to see what she has been and is still working on behind closed curtains.