Mechanical God Creation with new label and album on the way

Italian death metal band Mechanical God Creation have signed a new contract with The Goatmancer Records and announced a new album for 2019. Continue reading for more details.

The story of Mechanical God Creation began in October 2006 under interesting circumstances; the vocalist Luciana “Lucy” Catananti and the guitarist/vocalist Simo found each other at a forum and decided to form a death metal band. The band entered the metal world with their first demo titled “… And the Battle Becomes War” in May 2007. Soon, the band plays alongside bands such as Korn, Behemoth and Megadeth, not only in their home country Italy but also at, for example, the famous Metalcamp Festival in Slovenia. Mechanical God Creation’s first full-length album “Cell XIII” sees the light of the day in 2010, the second album “Artifact of Annihilation” following three years later. After many drastic line-up changes, the band managed to complete their third album “The New Chapter” in 2018 and is ready to release it in 2019 via The Goatmancer Records.

The band says: “We are very pleased to start this collaboration with the label Goatmancer that after listening to the new album they believed in the band. Talking to them we found out we had the same goals and it was natural for us to find interest in them. We can’t wait to start the work with the label and spread our music all around the world.

Check Mechanical God Creation’s music video for “Terror In The Air” from their second studio album “Artifact Of Annihilation” below.



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