Beyond The Black have launched a Christmas charity for children

German symphonic metal band Beyond The Black teamed up with “Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk e.V.” for a Christmas charity to purchase musical instruments for children in need.

T48414867_1104487336377860_439362295248715776_nhe band comments: „ Children need music! And not only for listening purposes, but most desirably making music themselves! Unfortunately, not all children in Germany have access to musical instruments, which lead us to start a charity auction with the “Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk e.V.” a non-profit organization to help children in need.“ 

Fans can donate at the official Beyond The Black shop a minimum of 5€ and raise their donation to any amount until the 15th of January. Out of all people who donated, the band will randomly pick 3 winners who get special items.

You can win a drum skin signed by musicians like Gojira, Behemoth, Nightwish, Within Temptation and many more. The second prize is a custom designed Ibanez 4-string Bass (signed by all band members) played by Beyond the Black bassist Stefan Herkenhoff during recent shows. The last prize is a signed Marshall guitar multi-effect Amp „Code 50“.

Furthermore, everyone who donates 20€ or more will be mentioned in a “thank you video” and donations over 200€ will be rewarded with a 15 minutes long Facebook call.

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