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Infected Rain – The Earth Mantra (Music Video)

Moldovan metallers Infected Rain present the second single off their upcoming album “Endorphin“. Watch a music video for a brand new track “The Earth Mantra” below.

The band says: “The Earth Mantra is the song dedicated to ecological problems of our planet. Earth is our home, our mother, we feel it is important to say out loud what we think, what we believe in, and what we care about.  It is only a matter of our choice, do we want to be parasites or bring a better future to this world.”

The vocalist of the band Lena Scissorhands just released a new video dedicated to “The Earth Mantra” on her Youtube channel Bananas. In this video, Lena takes you behind the scenes of the video shooting, songwriting and recording process, and explains the meaning of the song. Watch it below:

More details on the upcoming album “Endorphin” to be revealed soon.