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Lena Scissorhands talks early days of Infected Rain on her new Youtube channel

Lena Scissorhands, the vocalist of Moldavian metal outfit Infected Rain, shares the story of band’s formation and more in the latest video on her new Youtube channel BANANAS. You can watch it below.

“Because I have so much to share and so much to talk about, I decided to create my own YouTube channel! I proudly present to you BANANAS,” announced the vocalist in December.

In her latest video, Lena explains how Infected Rain was founded, the impact of Melissa Cross’ tutorials and coaching on her vocal performance, past and present band line-ups, the near future including a new album and more.

“I hope you are going to have fun watching as much as I did digging in my memories and finding those fun moments that brought us together!” comments Lena on her social media.